Calibration | TM Electronics


TM Electronics, Inc. recommends that its instruments be calibrated at least once a year. However, each customer must select a calibration cycle based on an evaluation of all factors that impact his instrument during use.

TME strongly recommends a factory calibration where its experienced technicians can provide expert service to the instrument. TME evaluates the calibration status of each instrument upon receipt and reports these results along with the final calibration results on the Calibration Report. While on the bench and prior to final calibration each instrument is inspected to ensure proper electromechanical and pneumatic performance and evaluated for warning signs of potential future problems.

TME's calibration standards are traceable to NIST and its calibration program is based on the guidelines of ANSI/NCLS Z540-1-1994.

You must complete the online RMA Request Form to schedule an instrument for calibration (or repair) prior to shipping it back to TM. This will help ensure that your instrument will be calibrated and shipped back to you within 3 to 5 working days of its receipt. 

You will be given a Return Material Authorization Number after submitting your RMA Request Form.  A customer service representative will contact you within 1 to 2 business days.

You will need to provide a Purchase Order or credit card information in order to cover calibration, shipping and insurance costs. 

Calibration | TM Electronics
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