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TME BT-1000 Automated Package Tester

Seal Strength and Package Integrity Tester for Flexible Packages

TM Electronics BT-1000 Automated Package Tester

The BT-1000 Automated Package Tester is designed to test flexible packaging and provide both seal strength and leak testing in one instrument. Control of critical variables and quantitative measuring methodology yields highly repeatable and precise results for proactive process control and quality documentation. IQ OQ PQ validation is available through TM Electronics. The BT-1000 will perform seal strength tests (burst, creep and creep-to-failure) on porous or non-porous flexible packages, and leak integrity testing on non-porous packages.

  • Highly repeatable, quantitative results from clean, dry air tests that are easy to program and perform.
  • Eight test modes are standard for leak testing and seal strength testing on the same non-porous package. Models are available for HIGH PRESSURE or LOW PRESSURE applications.
  • The menu system allows easy input and storage of up to 40 programs, with data storage for up to 1000 test results.
  • Real time statistical analysis is accessible on demand, including graphical presentation of the burst graph for each individual test, for the highest level of process control.
  • RS232 computer connection is standard for data; Ethernet connectivity is available to allow data to be transmitted from the instrument to a LAN.
  • Standard fixtures are available for Closed Package Testing, Open Package Testing, and restrained package testing.
  • The TME BT-1000 Automated Package Tester conforms to ASTM and ISO-11607 guidelines. Calibration is NIST traceable.


Package Testers: TME BT-1000 Automated Package Tester | TM Electronics
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