TM Electronics | Leak, Flow and Package Testing 101 Course

Leak, Flow and Package Testing 101

Leak, Flow and Package Testing 101


         Testing is important because:

  • Leaks and faulty flow equal product failure
  • A leak or seal weakness may lead to material leakage, environmental contamination, loss of sterility or component failure
  • In all cases, leaks, seal weakness or faulty flow lead to a waste of manufactured product and lead to customer complaints and lose of reputation

Because you've accessed this page, we assume you wish to know more about basic leak, flow testing of packages and products. These downloadable papers cover testing for the following industries:

  • Automotive components
  • Electronic components
  • Food packages
  • Industrial components
  • Medical & Pharma devices and packages
  • Packages in general

TM Electronics has split the subject into 3 sections, select the section which most fits your needs and download the paper.

Part 1:  Device and product integrity

Part 2: Package testing

Part 3. Non-destructive pressure/vacuum decay chamber testing for sealed products or packages



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TM Electronics | Leak, Flow and Package Testing 101 Course
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Learn about leak, flow and package testing with TM Electronic's free Testing 101 mini-course. Get an understanding of basic concepts such as leak testing versus package testing, leak rates and leak limits, pressure decay versus vacuum decay leak testers, and the value of consensus standards and ASTM test methods.