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TME Solution-CB

Non-Destructive Induction Welded Seal Leak Test System

The TME Solution-CB™ Induction Welded Seal Test System produces quantitative test results on pharmaceutical, nutriceutical or food bottles by combining the sensitivity of non-destructive pressure or vacuum decay leak testing with the simplicity of sealed fixtures. This highly sensitive method uses a proprietary chamber design to find leaks in walls or seals of common bottle sizes widely used in industry today, including those with various shapes and neck or screw sizes. Customized test chambers accommodate your particular process needs, bottle sizes and shapes to detect holes as small as 5 microns. Interchangeable fixture heads enable you to test a variety of bottle sizes and shapes with one test system.

TME Solution-CB™ Chamber Test System:

Sensitive, Repeatable, Non-Destructive Bottle Seal Tester

  • Fixture heads provide the test chamber and are custom designed and manufactured using a proprietary technique that maximizes the sensitivity of the test on your particular welded seal.
  • Access door interlock and two-hand anti-tie-down zero-force safety controls ensure a safe operating environment.
  • Highly repeatable, quantitative results from non-destructive vacuum or pressure decay leak testing of induction welded seals, avoiding the loss of good product through testing. A Gross Leak Detector that finds open or broken seals is built into the leak test.
  • A variety of units of measure are available including PSI, InH2O, kPa, and mbar. CFR Part 11 Data Protection is standard in the TME Solution-C instrument, and calibration is NIST traceable
  • Two way RS232 computer connection is standard for data collection and remote parameter control; Ethernet connectivity is available to allow data to be transmitted from the instrument to a LAN.


Leak & Leak Flow Tester Systems: TME Solution-CB | TM Electronics
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