TME Worker Leak and Leak Flow Tester | Leak and Occlusion Tester | TM Electronics

TME Worker Leak & Leak Flow Testers

A high resolution  (0.0001psi or 0.01 mbar) test instrument:

  • Can be configured as a Leak Tester, a Leak and Flow Tester, or a Leak and Occlusion Tester and is available in Pressure or Vacuum models.
  • Pressure ranges are available up to 300 psig and flow ranges available from 10 sccm to 10 lpm.
  • Sensitive, repeatable and reliable
  • Menu-driven it is easy to program and use
  • Store 100 individual test programs and a Datalog capacity of 5000 test results
  • The display is easy to see and large lighted indicators indicate pass/fail test results
  • PLC controls for semi-automatic operation and two-way RS-232 communication capability for downloadable program selection and uploadable data.
  • Ethernet connectivity available

The TME WORKER™ is an affordable, dependable tool for your day-in, day-out leak testing, flow testing, and occlusion testing requirements.

leak testing TME Worker

Efficient, Reliable,

Powerful, Affordable


  • Small footprint, fast response, easy to program and use.
  • Easily adjust set-up times (fill, settle, test), and set reject limits to detect fine or gross leaks.
  • Repeatable, quantitative results; high decay resolution (0.0001 psi or 0.01 mbar) per second.
  • NIST traceable calibration services



TME Worker Leak and Leak Flow Tester | Leak and Occlusion Tester | TM Electronics
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TME WORKERâ„¢ is a high resolution (0.0001psi) test instrument a leak tester, a leak and flow tester, or a leak and occlusion tester a |pressure or vacuum models |affordable, dependable | TM Electronics