leak test | leak testing TME Worker integra leak and flow test system

The Smart TME WORKER Integra

Leak or Leak and Flow Test System


TME WORKER Integra™ with Smart Capabilities

TME worker integra leak test flow test    Worker Integra Leak test and Flow Test - TM Electronics  

Pressure or Vacuum Decay |  Leak or Leak/ Flow Test System | Backpressure Occlusion

The Intelligent  TME WORKER Integra

  • Leak Tester, a Leak and Flow Tester, or a Leak and Occlusion Tester and is available in Pressure or Vacuum models
  • High resolution (0.0001 psi)
  • The small internal volume contributes to high sensitivity, repeatability, and reliability. 
  • The Icon-Based Touchscreen Color Display allows the operator to control the test parameters, examine statistical analysis of results or download data files easily.
  • USB Connection to a PC
  • USB ports for keyboard, Mouse, Printer or bar code reader
  • LAN remote instrument control, data transfer, and operation
  • Optional electronic regulator available

The smart TME WORKER Integra is an intelligent instrument making programming, testing, downloading, printing, storing, accessing, reviewing test results much easier than it has been done in the past. 


         TME worker integra test results tme worker integra test in progress
  • Small Footprint ... 10"Wx10"Dx9"H
  • LAN (Network)… Web-browser & more
  • Security Controls…  Key Lock
  • Test Modes… Leak, Occlusion, Flow
  • Display… 5.7” QVGA Color Touchscreen
  • Range (PSIG)… -13.5 to 150
  • Pressure Control – Manual or Electronic
  • Resolution (PSIG)… 0.0001 (-13,5 to 150)
  • Units… Psig, InH2O, mBar, kPa, inHg, ccm, LPM, cfm
  • Pressure Accuracy… +/- 0.5% FSD
  • Test Modes… Leak, Flow, Occlusion
  • Repeatability (6 sigma/FSD)… <1%
  • Memory Capacity… 128 Mbytes (Expandable up to 512Mb)
  • Flow Ranges (SCCM)… up to 10.000
  • Flow Accuracy… +/- 2% FSD



leak test | leak testing TME Worker integra leak and flow test system
TM Electronics TME WORKER Integra, leak tester, leak and flow tester
Leak test, leak and flow test system, leak and occlusion tester, pressure or vacuum | High resolution | TME Worker Integra