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TME Solution: Leak or Leak Flow Test System


Single or Multi-Port  |  Sequential or Concurrent

Pressure or Vacuum Decay  |  Leak or Leak/ Flow Test System

The TME Solution has proven throughout the years to be one of the most reliable long lasting custom and standard leak test instruments in the medical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.  

  • A high-resolution leak or leak/flow test system
  • One to four channel concurrent or sequential leak and flow testing.
  • Sensitive, repeatable, easily maintainable and reliable
  • Test types including burst, occlusion, vacuum, and pressure decay, crack, and differential pressure or vacuum.
  • Touchscreen menu-driven operation allows the operator to control the test parameters, examine statistical analysis of results or download data files easily.


The TME Solution, in conjunction with custom fixtures, accessories, and engineering support, provides a complete turnkey solution to your leak and flow testing needs.

The Ultimate in Flexibility:

  • Highly repeatable, quantitative results from clean, dry tests. The TME Solution is available in configurations up to four ports, and dual switching is available to maximize operator productivity.
  • High instrument resolution of 0.0001psi (0.01 mbar)/second enables the most sensitive test results.
  • The touchscreen menu system allows easy input and storage of up to 100 linkable programs, with data storage for up to 5000 test results. Real-time statistical analysis and quality control charts are accessible on demand for the highest level of process control.
  • \Units of measure accessible through the menu include PSI, InH2O, kPa, and mbar.
  • Two-way RS232 computer connection is standard for data collection and remote parameter control; Ethernet connectivity is available to allow data to be transmitted from the instrument to a LAN.
  • The TME Solution™ provides CFR Part 11 Data Protection and conforms to ASTM and ISO-11607 guidelines. Calibration is NIST traceable.


TME Solution Leak & Leak Flow Tester | Pressure or Vacuum Decay | Leak or Leak/ Flow Tester | TM Electronics
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