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Leak Testing and Leak Flow Testing Equipment


TM Electronics provides fast, reliable air leak testers, flow testers, pressure decay testers and vacuum leak testers and other leak testing products that meet your needs in the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, food processing and appliance industry markets.  A variety of leak testing and leak flow testing products are available to meet unique product testing needs.

TME Solution™

Pressure or Vacuum Decay Leak or Leak/Flow Tester

TM Electronics Solution
  • One to four channel, concurrent or sequential testing
  • High resolution (0.0001psi or 0.01 mbar/sec)
  • CFR Part 11 data protection, meets ASTM and NIST standards
  • PLC controls, two-way RS-232, Ethernet connectivity


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TME Smart WORKER Integra

  • High resolution (0.0001psi or 0.01 mbar/sec)
  • Small Internal Volume producing high sensitivity
  • Available in models with pressure ranges up to 300 psig
  • Available in flow rates as little as 10 ccm to as much as 20 lpm
  • Available in Pressure or Vacuum Decay Leak, Backpressure Occlusion, or Flow
  • USB connection to PC, USB ports for keyboard, mouse, printer, or bar code reader
  • USB storage support for program data and datalog record export
  • LAN remote instrument control, data transfer, and operation
  • Web Interface for datalog review
  • Meets FDA CFR 21 Part 11  
  • Smart
TM Electronics WORKER Integra


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TME Worker™

Pressure or Vacuum Decay Leak/Flow/Occlusion Tester

TM Electronics Worker
  • Affordable, operator-friendly, repeatable
  • Available in Leak, Leak/Flow or Leak/Occlusion configurations
  • High resolution (0.0001psi or 0.01 mbar/sec)
  • PLC controls, two-way RS-232 communication capability,
    Ethernet connectivity available
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TME Industrial Solution™

Multi-Port Leak or Leak/Flow Tester for Industrial Environments

TM Electronics Industrial Solution‚Äč

  • All the features of the TME Solution, but safe for harsh, wet or dusty industrial environments
  • Available in NEMA-4 enclosure


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TM Electronics offers air leak testers, leak testers, leak flow testers, pressure decay testers and vacuum leak testers for automotive, medical, food and pharma industries.