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Industrial & Appliance: Trace Gas Detectors

Trace Gas Sensing as a Leak Test

Trace gas sensing is most effective as a leak locator. This diagram illustrates a simplified trace gas leak detector. The closed test part or package is pressurized with a tracer gas, and the sensor is moved around the part to determine if and where there is a detectable leakage of the tracer gas. This method gives quantitative measurements so specifications can be established. It is straightforward and easy to use, and the cost is low. Because it is dependent on sensing a gas other than air, gas sensing is not useful for sealed test items that cannot be pressurized with a trace gas.

Based on a principle of thermal conductivity, the Gas Check leak detectors detect all gases other than air, but are particularly sensitive to Helium and Hydrogen based gases.

Intrinsic Safety

The Gas Check line of trace gas detectors distributed by TM Electronics is available in an intrinsically safe model for working in areas that may contain hazardous gases and for detecting flammable gases.

Industrial & Appliance: Trace Gas Detectors | TM Electronics
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