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Devices and Products by Industry

TM Electronics, Inc. Devices and Products by Industry 

Automotive Industry

Switches Hoses
Wire harnesses Radiators
Gauges Pneumatics
Meters Cylinder heads
Fuel supply system Various seals
Air conditioning system  
  TME Multi-port Worker Integra


Agriculture Industry

Spray bars Filters


Packaging - Food and Beverage (Improve Product Quality by Testing Food and Beverage Packaging)

Shelf life testing
Food and beverage package testing
Dog and cat food package testing
    TME BT-Integra Pack (Package/Burst Tester)


Packaging - Medical Device, Hospital and Pharmaceutical examples

Trays and cassettes Medicine and drug packaging
Sterilized packages and pouches consisting of surgical instruments, medical devices, and other reusable supplies and equipment Vaccine packaging
Healthcare package testing for infection control and patient safety Pill bottles -- container closure integrity
Veternary packaging Nasal spray botles
Ointment tubes Blister packaging
Packages consisting of injectable medical devices, i.e., syringes Seal strength


Medical Devices

Catheter Test System
Catheters Breathing bags
Intravenous pneumatics Pressure cuffs and bladders
Sealed vials/ampoules Liquid transfer supply sytems
Pneumatis and pumps Surgical power tools - waterproofing
Dispensing supplies Needles
Inflatable bags Blood tranfusion pneumatics and other components
Ventilators and filters  


Safety / Protective Gear

Latex and rubber gloves Respiratory filters


Computer and Electronics Devices

Phones Cameras
2-way radios Watches
Scanners Other large and small devices
TME Chamber Leak Tester



Valves Meter readers
Filters Joints (welds, epoxy, slip-on, and mechanical
Pumps Various pneumatics
  TME Solution 4-Port Leak/Flow Tester



Batteries Fuel cell development



Spray paint Pumps
Filters HVAC
  Custom Fixtures / Chambers


Government / Defense -- Biomedical


Chemical Manufacturing -- Plastics



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Devices and Products by Industry List | TM Electronics
leak test devices by industry, leak test products by industry
List of Various Industries including Devices and Products tested using Leak, Flow and Package/Burst Test Equipment manufactured by TM Electronics, Inc.