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Fixtures & Accessories

TME (ISO 2001:2008 certified) designs and builds standard and customized fixtures used in conjuction with our line of Leak and Burst Testers.  Our creative engineering staff can assist you in the design of your testing apparatus.      


TS - 01, 01HP Open Package Test Fixture (12 inch)

  • For flexible package seal strength measurements
  • TS-01 for peelable seal pouches, TS-01HP for film/welded seal pouches


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TS - 02 Closed Package Test Fixture

  • For closed package seal strength and leak integrity measurements
  • Includes probe assembly and package access kit
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TS - 03 Test Probe and Air Lines Assembly (1/4 inch)


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TS - 04 Open Package Test Fixture, Manual (24 inch)

  • For large flexible package seal strength measurements (up to 24" pouch)
  • Manual clamp bar meets ASTM standards


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RS - 01, 02, 03 Radial Sealing Fixture

1 to 4 lumen Sealed leak tight access or dead end for testing tubular products

  • Can accommodate diameters of 0.022 to 6.000 inches



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Restraining Plate Fixture (RPF)

  • Stabilize expansion during pressure decay leak testing
  • Provides consistent stress loading on all seals during seal testing
  • Variety of sizes and gap widths to accommodate your package
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PA - 02, 03 Package Port TM Entry System

  • Maintains leak tight path between product and test instrument
  • Used for restrained or unrestrained package testing
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LA - 01 Digital Flow Valve

  • Variable needle valve to set very small flow values
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LA - 03 Foot Switch Actuator

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LA - 04 Leak Orifice

For use with all TME Leak and Flow Testers

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LA - 05 Filter Set

  • Removes oil, moisture and particulate matter from air lines
  • Protects your test instrument
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Dual Switching Fixtures (DSF-XX)

  • Low flow or high flow
  • Connect two test parts for sequential leak testing
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TAL - 3.0 Data Transfer Software

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ETX - 01 Step Down Transformer

220/110 VAC, 50/60 Hz

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ABC - 150 - 11 Power Line Conditioner

  • Protect your test instrument from power surge or fluctuations
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Safety Enclosures

TM Electronics manufactures a variety of standard and custom safety enclosures for both leak and package testing.  Leak testing enclosures as seen in the picture are manufactured to protect the operator from possible fractures or failures in the parts under test during the pressurization cycles of the test. This fixture is designed with a two-hand anti-tie-down start mechanism for operator safety.  Once doors are closed and latched the anti-tie-down switches prevent any operator interference.

Package testing safety enclosures are designed to prevent either package material failure or liquid dispersion during testing. Materials and seals that allow washdown are available for these enclosures. A burst test with liquid media in a package require protection for operator safety.  Consult with a TME applications specialist to describe your needs and size requirements.

TM Electronics Safety Enclosures

Leak, Flow and Package Test Fixtures & Accessories | TM Electronics
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