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LA-01 Digital Flow Valve

  • The LA-01 Digital Flow Valve is a variable needle valve with the capability to set very small flow values. It is very useful for determining the pressure decay of an instrument or system to small leakage rates from 1 sccm and up.


LA-03 Foot Switch Actuator

  • An electrical footswitch may be added for connection to the instrument "accessory" port for remote cycle actuation. A pneumatically operated switch is available for high EMI environments.


LA-04 Leak Orifice

  • Order by Specified Flow Rate at the Specified Pressure, or Specified Orifice Diameter


Specification Sheet


LA-05 Filter Set for removing oil, moisture, and particulate from air line

  • Filters and dryer are included to provide clean, dry air to instrument standards.


Specification Sheet


DSF-25 Low Flow and DSF-50

High Flow Dual Port Switching Valve Assemblies

  • The DSF is a two-way valve assembly that allows connection of two test parts for leak testing. Available for either low flow or high flow, the valve operates so as to alternately cycle the instrument "Test Port" to one product port or the other. Each test will be an independent result. A separate housing and connection ports are supplied with the instrument. A cable and connector attach to the "Accessory Port" located on the instrument back panel.


TAL-3.0 Data Transfer Software

  • Keystroke conversion software allows instrument data log information to be directly loaded into spreadsheet formats.


ETX-01 European Step Down Transformer (220/110 VAC, 50/60 Hz)


ABC-150-11 Power Line Conditioner

  • Highly recommended by TME to protect instruments from power surge and power line fluctuations.




Leak, Flow and Package Testing Accessories | TM Electronics
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