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Package Test Probe




For Flexible Package

Seal Strength and Leak Integrity Testing

Use with the TME BT-1000 Automated Package Tester or TME BT Integra Pack to test completely sealed flexible material packages. By using the patented Package-Ports© system consisting of a port and adhesive disk along with the penetrating test probe, a leak-tight path is created to connect the package internal volume directly to the test instrument. The package testing probe is sealed inside the port as it is inserted, allowing the probe to maintain a leak tight path with the package and the instrument.

  • The TS-03 Test Probe is available in the standard pointed tip or a flat tip for use with small packages such as transdermal packs.
  • The TS-03 test probe can be used in conjunction with a Restraining Plate Fixture to provide closed package tests that conform to ASTM test methods.


Fixtures: Package Test Probe | TM Electronics
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