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About TM Electronics

Company History

TM Electronics, Inc. was established in 1961 as a manufacturer of measuring instruments for the metal fabrication industry. 

The company was purchased in 1981 and the business was re-characterized to focus originally on the measuring needs of the medical device industry. In the following years, product lines were developed to provide measuring equipment for improving quality and productivity in the automotive, electronics industrial, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing markets as well as medical device manufacturers. The test instruments focus on proving the liquid or gaseous integrity of the product to prove the product's integrity. A related product line is sold for testing porous and non-porous packaging of medical devices, certain types of food and pharmaceuticals for seal strength or package leakage. More recent product developments include a line of non-destructive test systems for flexible, non-porous closed products or packages.

TM Electronics is now part of Industrial Physics LLC. 

Product Line Description

Pneumatic leak testing developed from the beginning as a non-contaminating alternative to the undesirable "bubble test" in water. Pneumatic testing, as performed by TME, is primarily described by pressure or vacuum decay testing and mass flow or backpressure occlusion testing. TME instrumentation is designed toward the demand for sensitive test methodology and the output of objective documentation required by Good Manufacturing Practices and ISO procedures, and is compliant with ASTM test methods. Ongoing evolution of the technology of leak science has led to continuing development of data storage and communications capabilities in TME test instruments including two-way Ethernet connectivity.

TM Electronics Solution C-2 Chamber Test SystemNon-destructive surrogate chamber leak testing by pressure or vacuum decay is a growing component of TME's product mix. Test systems are designed primarily on a custom basis to maximize sensitivity and repeatability of the test. Current systems operate with a resolution of 0.0001psi and can detect leaks as small as 5-10 microns.

Seal strength and package integrity testing, as described in ISO-11607-1, are essential testing streams for medical device packaging and important considerations for other types of packaging as well. TME package testing instrumentation is designed to perform both streams of testing using the same test instrument and to provide documentary evidence of test results. Non-destructive surrogate chamber testing is also applicable to non-porous, flexible package testing and is provided on a custom basis, and specially designed test systems provide high resolution, repeatable testing for induction welded seals.

As we move into the 21st century, test method standardization and regulation are developing across the world. TM Electronics is poised to continue the ongoing development of testing products to aid manufacturers in meeting these standards.

About the Company | TM Electronics
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TM Electronics (TME) manufactures automated, high technology leak testers, leak and flow testers, and package testers. Learn more about the company history.