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TM Electronics is a designer and manufacturer of leak, flow and package testing instruments. Our emphasis is on working with the customer to provide the most suitable test systems, integrating the customer's technical needs with cost effectiveness. We pride ourselves on our ability to help the individual customer to thoroughly understand his/her testing needs, and consider it part of our mission to make available current, relevant and educational tools.

Following is an overview of our departmental structure:

Sales and Marketing

Our Applications Specialists are more than salespersons. They focus on developing a relationship with their customers that is based on technical knowledge, understanding of needs and the desire to fill those needs in the most appropriate and cost-effective ways. The Applications Specialists are the link between the customer and TME in the development of the project to its completion and beyond. The Marketing arm concentrates on acquiring those customers through trade shows, Internet marketing and other media tools. Our aim in Marketing is to highlight our unique approach to the customer relationship of providing support and educational literature.

Design and Engineering

The Design and Engineering department at TME consists of an amalgam of electronics, mechanical, electrical and software engineering personnel with a high level of creativity in their approach to a customer's project and a great deal of experience with leak, flow and package testing systems. Under the direction of the customer's Applications Specialist, the makeup of the team on any given project varies with the individual customer's needs, again reflecting our mission to provide a unique solution to each customer project.

Production, Service and Calibration Department

Instrument manufacturing and maintenance are done by a group of specialists. The production manager directs the interface between production and engineering as required, and coordinates between Production and the Applications Specialists to provide current information on project status.

Customer Service Department

Customer Service personnel deal with system calibrations and service. Customer Service works with Production QC and Engineering personnel as needed to address customer issues.

Quality Assurance Department

The TME Quality Assurance Department oversees the efforts of the Design and Engineering Department and monitors the performance of our Production, Service and Calibration Departments. The department leader has over 30 years of experience in the field of Quality Assurance and cGMP's. The Quality Assurance Department supports our Applications Specialists and the Design and Engineering Department in the identification and application of requirements particular to the medical device, pharmaceutical, industrial and food industries.

Human Resources and Finance

The TME Human Resources & Finance Departments help identify and hire qualified individuals, oversee training of new employees, manage corporate benefits and compensation, oversee payroll, handle all accounts payable/receivable and Purchasing functions.

TM Electronics, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Careers at TME | TM Electronics
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