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TME Team Resources

Our Applications Specialists are more than salespersons. When you contact TME with a leak, flow or package testing question, you will be dealing with individuals who have years of experience in the field of Leak Science. They speak the language of your industry and are familiar with the standards you need to meet. Their goal and expertise is in helping you to select a test system that will meet your technical requirements as well as being a cost effective solution to your needs.

Behind the Applications Specialists stands our Design and Engineering Team, comprised of mechanical, electronic and software engineers who will consult on your project according to your needs. Our designers have years of expertise in custom designing fixtures, modifications to primary test instrumentation and software to accommodate your unique product and test needs.

The TME Quality Assurance Team oversees the efforts of the Design and Engineering Team and monitors the performance of our Production, Service and Calibration Teams. The team leader has over 30 years of experience in the field of Quality Assurance and cGMP's.

The Production, Service and Calibration Team works with the Design and Engineering Team to build your system to meet your specifications. The same people who originally built your instrument and are familiar with it will perform calibrations as needed, providing proper and complete documentation. The Team is also prepared to deal with any service issues promptly at the direction of your Applications Specialist.

Team Resources | TM Electronics
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