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Package Testing Resources

Non-Destructive Closed Product/Package Testing - an Overview

A discussion of surrogate chamber pressure or vacuum decay testing as a non-destructive, highly sensitive method of detecting leaks in non-porous closed products or packages.

Overview of Package Seal Strength - Leak Tests

The following is an overview of Physical Inflation Package Leak Testing, including:

Part 1: Destructive testing of flexible, non-porus packaages and the use of appropriate accessories including restraining plates and sealing fixtures

Part 2: Non-destructive pressure or vacuum chamber testing; including methods to test induction welded bottle seats, filled and sealed bottles and bottles containing fluids

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For a detailed look at Leak Science, visit the free Leak, Flow and Package Testing 101 seminar pages. 

Package Testers

TME's package testers perform burst testing, creep and creep-to-failure testing, and pressure decay leak testing for packages. All instruments conform to EN ISO-11607 guidelines and ASTM standards. Because user needs vary with the package and the product, TME offers a variety of package testers, test systems and accessories to meet those needs: 

Strength & Integrity - the Basics of Medical Package Testing (PDF format only)

Originally published in three sections in Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News:"Strength & Integrity, Part 1: The Basics of Medical Package Testing" PMPN 10, No. 1(2002), "Strength & Integrity, Part 2: The Basics of Seal Strength Testing", PMPN 10, No. 6 (2002), "Strength & Integrity, Part 3: Physical Package Integrity Testing", PMPN 11, No. 1 (2003), this paper expounds on the two facets of package testing advocated in ISO-11607, leak integrity tests and seal strength tests, focusing on the pressure or vacuum decay test for leak integrity, and the burst, creep and creep-to-failure inflation tests for seal strength.



Package Testing Resources | TM Electronics
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