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ALL NEW! Automated Leak Tester:

OEM, Industrial integration and Automated systems.

Automatic integrated leak tester.

TME Integra Flex

Custom Industrial Applications

Solve Special Testing Problems

Design solutions for automatic testing

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Automotive leak testers:

Flexible solutions for leak, flow and occlusion testing.

Integrated programmable test instrument

EGR testing application

Pressure and vacuum testers available


Design solutions for automatic testing

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Industrial testers:

Non-destructable solutions for leak and flow detection.

Creative turnkey testing solutions

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Integrated into assembly machinery

TME Industrial Solution

Multiple solutions for industrial components

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Medical device testers:

Reliable solutions for mass flow and pressure decay detection.

Leak and flow testing of multi-lumen catheters

TME Solution Leak and Flow Tester

Chamber custom designed to package

TME Solution-C Chamber Leak Tester

Custom medical device applications

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Packaging testers:

Solutions to seal strength and integrity quality.

Testing medical device packages

Package testing

Intelligent "Out-of-the-Box" burst testing

TME BT Integra Pack

Testing for medical and food industries

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Food package testers:

Test the seal strength and integrity of your food packages.

Find out more about food package testing

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Non-destructive food package testing

TME Solution-C Chamber Leak Tester

Partitioned retortable food tray seal strength test

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Pharmaceutical testers:

Secure leak and flow testing solutions. 

Final product package strength and integrity

Pharmaceutical vial testing

Pharmaceutical or nutriceutical sealed bottles

TME Solution-CB

Testing single use pharmaceutical process containers

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified:
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Effective Feb 20, 2019 - Feb 13, 2022

TM Electronics (TME) manufactures automated, high technology leak testers, leak and flow testers, and package testers. High resolution, repeatable, and downloadable, TME test systems span the range of leak and package testing needs for the automotive, medical device, plastic, food and pharmaceutical industries. 

TME is committed to meeting the quality requirements of our customers.  Our quality management system is designed to comply with the I.S. EN IS 9001:2015 standard.  

To learn how TME can help you with your leak, flow and package testing challenges Call 1-978-772-0970 or request information

TM Electronics Product Notification


End of Life Notification for:
Model: BT1000 Burst Test Instrument
Replacement Available: BT Integra Pack Intelligent Package Test System Burst, Creep, Creep-to-Failure, and Leak Integrity Tests



FREE - Leak, Flow and

Package Testing 101

Learn about basic concepts such as leak testing versus package testing, leak rates and leak limits, pressure decay versus vacuum decay leak testers, and the value of consensus standards and ASTM test methods.

Click here for a free online course. 

Formal Name Change


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We have some exciting news to share with you, our loyal & valued customers. TM Electronics Inc, Systech Illinois US (Illinois Instruments) & OxySense brands are pleased to announce our formal name change to: read more


Note: We also have a new phone number
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On the 10th May 2019 we moved into our new location:

68 Barnum Road
Devens, Massachusetts.
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Our phones have changed:
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Fax: (978) 772-2048

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Leak Testing Leak testers flow testers| TM Electronics
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Leak testing | Leak Testers leak and flow testers and package testers for automotive, medical, food, industrial and pharma industries. TM Electronics